start code: 2014start


second annual #terngame

Teams received a custom-written "answer-checker" Android app and an information sheet with rules and describing three kinds of wordplay:

two things are anagrams if you can make one
from the other by re-arranging letters.
GANDER and DANGER are anagrams.
letter bank
like an anagram, but you can re-use letters.
BEAK is a letter bank for KEBAB.
word square
special form of acrostic

They knew that the ending location was conference room "Anis".
(Our conference rooms are named after birds; ani is a kind of bird.)

They made their way through San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood solving these puzzles:

@lessachu @dydt @mkc @lahosken

Teams were on the trail of "Carmen", a trademarked character and fictional international criminal. They were members of "ACME", a fictional crime-fighting organization, probably also trademarked. Mentions of Carmen and ACME in these puzzles don't imply ownership of those trademarks; nor do they imply that the trademark holder endorses these puzzles.